Greetings from your Board of Directors! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer as the end of it is fast approaching. It won’t be long before the kids are back in school and traffic goes back to craziness. The heat has been oppressive but luckily, as of this writing, it has been a fairly slow tropical season. The peak of the season is coming so we can’t let our guard down and have to stay prepared.

As you are all aware there have been some ominous reports from the Miami Dade Mayor’s office of budget cuts that will affect all Miami Dade County citizens. They plan to eliminate a substantial number of police positions. This will directly impact the number of police officers available to respond to emergencies at any given time. Response time will be extended which could pose a threat to the safety of our citizens. I am urging that every retiree living in Miami Dade county contact the Mayor’s office to express your opposition to the cuts. The phone number for the Mayor’s office is (305)375-5071 or you can call 311. 

The following is an update on Tommy Rogers. We have made his home wheelchair friendlier but more work needs to be done. Two ramps going into the home have been installed. The bathroom door has been removed and widened. New lighting fixtures have been put in place. This is just the beginning; we have to work around doctor’s appointments and other commitments so it is a work in progress. We have been working with a carpenter whom I have known for many years, but if anyone has carpentry skills, plastering or tile laying experience and would like to donate some time, please contact me at denmag@bellsouth.net or my cell 954-914-3996. I know that Nancy and Tom really appreciate it. Below is a note given to me by Nancy expressing her thoughts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Yolanda Bielecki and Jack Sandstrom, who recently passed away.

Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Dennis Bambach, President
Retired Police Officers Council
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Our email address is rpocpba@bellsouth.net or locally in Miami call (305) 594-2848, or toll-free call (866) 594-2848.  Our mailing address is Retired Police Officers Council, Post Office Box 570790, Miami, FL 33257-0790.
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