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Our email address is or locally in Miami call (305) 594-2848, or toll-free call (866) 594-2848.  Our mailing address is Retired Police Officers Council, Post Office Box 570790, Miami, FL 33257-0790.
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We are a large non-profit Florida Corporation organized and incorporated in 1983, for retired Federal, State, County and City law enforcement officers, correction officers, and other law enforcement direct support personnel.

Our strength in numbers, now over 1,200, helps our members retain the benefits we now have, and gain additional benefits as they present themselves.  Your Board of Directors meets in Miami at scheduled times throughout the year, to give reports on, and to discuss RPOC activities, and other retirement issues.  Each year, we have a great well-attended four-day weekend annual reunion, at varied locations in the State that are very affordable and enjoyable.  Additionally, we have a RPOC “job network” to assist our members who may be looking for part-time or full-time post-retirement employment.

The Retired Police Officers Council, has a separate incorporated, "Retired Police Officers Council Love Fund", that is a Federal IRS "Tax Exempt" 501(C)(3) corporation, that our members and others, support through their voluntary donations, and through which our members, their families and friends, volunteer their time at, during annual fund raising events.

Also, we are now associated with Cops and Firefighters in Business (CFB), a great network of still active or retired “cops and firefighters” who have their own businesses, or are part-time or full-time product representatives with corporations.  CFB is a FREE online business referral database where you can find businesses owned by cops and firefighters (and their spouses) that you can do business with (or market your own business!).

Members are mailed the monthly Dade County PBA publication, HEAT, which contains local, state and national law enforcement-related news and issues, as well as our own monthly “Retired Police Officers News” update and local activity article.

The initial membership fee to join the RPOC is $30.00, with a very affordable annual renewal fee each January of $25.00.  Our only membership requirement is that you are in fact an honorably retired, federal, state, county, or city law enforcement officer, correction officer, or you are a retired department employee who was employed in direct support.  If you are qualified for membership, and you wish to join our unique and growing organization, we encourage you to contact us for additional information. 
Our email address is, or locally in Miami, call (305) 594-2848, or toll-free call (866) 594-2848.  Our mailing address is Retired Police Officers Council, P.O. Box 570790, Miami, FL 33257-0790.
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